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Air is a sunrise industry

Writer:yayoSource:东莞正旭 Date:2014-11-10

    On August 9, 2014, sponsored by the Beijing association of building energy efficiency and engineering, China energy conservation association, China association of building energy conservation association, Beijing construction and sponsors to support clean energy "Beijing rural residential building heating application present situation investigation report" press conference in Beijing, the home of Chinese worker report hall is held ceremoniously. Work as a high-end heat pump, heat pump field strength better a heat pump enterprises, new energy equipment technology co., LTD. Dongguan is xu to attend this meeting. The following positive xu, chairman of arilk rong told reporters.

   Reporter: the advantage of solar energy in the air and can be used?

   chen shuairong: both energy each has his strong point, use a popular word to describe: one kind is the sun will have energy, one kind is to have the air will have energy. In cold northern heating applications, particularly the short board of solar heating, such as the rainy day, night without the sun, such as time, heating must rely on the auxiliary heat source. Air can heat pump energy is air, the air is everywhere, such as wind power, by using the air flow; Aircraft flying god use is the air buoyancy, air can heat pump heating is make full use of the quantity of heat of air. Air can heat pump heating at 15 ℃ environment temperature, the COP value can be greater than 2.0; In - 29 ℃ ambient temperature, also can guarantee the normal heating. Compared the two, air can heat pump heating prominent advantages are: 1, is not affected by the climate; Whether rainy day or special need to heating the cold night, we all can do work 24 hours. 2, high efficiency and energy saving; 1 normal electricity heat around 0.7, air can heat pump 1 is four heat generated electricity high efficiency and energy saving. 3, multi-use of; Household heating only need to input a set of units, can be integrated to solve refrigeration in summer, winter heating, comfortable warmth.


     Reporter: at present the current status of application of the air can how?

    chen shuai rong: currently, the energy across the country and the government policy support, the subsidies to support also is very big. Is xu can air products are mainly applied in the field, industrial hot water areas, agricultural drying temperature field and heating field. Due to its high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection security, hotel, hotel, school, family, and other areas of the hot water can be widespread use. Dry areas, is also a very wide range, Chinese herbal medicine drying, drying of grain, fruit and vegetable drying, tobacco drying, etc., involving agriculture, can have corresponding subsidy policy. Field of high temperature hot water, can be applied to food, clothing, electroplating, slaughtering, radiator heating projects, such as the reconstruction of coal-fired boilers, home heating projects involving north, for the demand of high temperature heat pump, low temperature heat pump for heating, coal to electricity subsidies subsidies by unified standard, this aspect can compared with air heating equipment, will suffer, and air heating equipment initial investment cost higher than other electric heating equipment, while on the operating cost is the lowest than other electric heating equipment. So have to focus on the promotion, must start from the people's consciousness education, realize energy conservation and environmental protection in the sense of sublimation.

     Reporter: air is applied in the north of the case?

     chen shuai rong: air in the northern heating application related to urban residents, the new rural reconstruction, boiler thermal company restructuring. Is xu can air application cases in the north are: xinji residential heating low temperature heating engineering, shijiazhuang, hebei wei country KTV hotel, shanxi changzhi factory heating of the low temperature low temperature heating engineering project, I quick hotel low temperature heating engineering, xinjiang urumqi, hotan cascade high temperature heating engineering, Beijing new rural heating engineering well.

     Reporter: the air source heat pump industry development trends and prospects?

     chen shuai rong: President xi jinping on June 13, 2014, the sixth meeting, chaired a meeting of central finance leading group (in his speech, pointed out: after long-term development, China has become the world's largest energy producers and consumers, facing the pressure energy demand and energy supply constraints, energy production and consumption more damage to the ecological environment seriously, such as low level of energy technology challenge. The use of the traditional energy, the serious pollution of air, in big cities is now "smog" is one of the main reasons for the weather. Air can is a sunrise industry, the air is everywhere, its high efficiency, clean is can't be and many organic energy, air can heat pump which covers a very wide range, such as heating, drying, high temperature, hot water and so on several big areas.

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