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      ir can heat pump hot water system technology since the 1990 s after the developed countries such as the development and mature, developed countries such as Europe and the United States government attaches great importance to and vigorously promoted. In the United States, Australia, Sweden and other developed countries has universal application, widely used in family, school, hotel, hotels, beauty salons, bath center, swimming pool, factories and other places that need a lot of focus on using hot water, some products have been running for more than ten years, its performance is highly evaluated by the user.

   Air can heat pump technology since the last century in the domestic application, year after year to expand its market planning. In recent years, with the energy problem increasingly prominent, and advocate the construction of an energy-saving society "by the government, air can heat pump water heater market growth is significantly improved. At present domestic heat pump water heater basically maintain 300% ~ 400% annual growth rate, market output value is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2010 (30 million), market prospect is extremely broad.

    With the development of Chinese economy and the rise of ecological concept of life, green heat equipment is more and more attention by Chinese enterprises and consumers. Dongguan is xu is adhering to the green ecological concept and advanced technology of heat source heat equipment provider, in order to further improve the use of heat energy market situation in China, to expand is xu global market and the influence of the concept of life, we are invites dealers across the country to join xu marketing network, fully launched 

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