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Air can heat pump dryers development prospects

Writer:yayoSource:东莞正旭 Date:2014年11月10日 15:47

    Global began warming, it is the inevitable outcome of the rapid economic growth. Combustion chemical products, oil, coal, industrial dust, a large number of deforestation and so on, cause serious damage to the ecological environment system. Many countries are now the resource conservation and environmental protection in the development of the first. In order to adapt to the development of The Times, the existing many companies turn to energy-saving industries, and the air can heat pump dryers become the first choice for many investors.

    Air can heat pump drying as the fourth generation of new energy equipment, use of heat pump evaporator absorbs heat from the outside air, or recovery of exhaust gas residual heat in the process of drying, after compressor power, the energy transport (transfer) to drying box, drying box of hot air after repeated cyclic heating, absorb the moisture in the material, its cooling humidification, through hot air platoon is wet or the process of water condensation, and take away the water runs out of the material, and finally realizes the continuous drying of materials.

   The fourth generation of air to heat pump dryers don't burn oil, coal, wood burning, environmental protection and energy saving, not only reduce the production cost, reduce the labor intensity, will greatly reduce the pollution. Air can heat pump dryer not only meet the needs of customers, more in line with the state advocates of "protecting the environment, energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon life", and the country and a corresponding policies to support the development of energy conservation and environmental protection products, so in the future a period of time, air can heat pump dryers is going to be "darling" of the new energy equipment.

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