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Compared with the conventional sun, the air can water heater has the advantage

Date:2014年11月10日 15:35

Very obvious advantages, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1、from the aspects of use: the conventional solar products affected by the weather, rainy day, snow day and night will not be able to work, and xu air can heat pump units regardless of cloudy day, rainy day, snow day, night can work properly or sunny, provide hot water 24 hours a day.

2、from running into aspects: regular under direct sunlight, the solar energy is almost zero cost to run, but in the evening or wet snow can only rely on other energy auxiliary system work, especially in the winter, mainly cloudy, according to the statistics data show that during normal use, the same water supply situation, power than conventional solar, electric auxiliary system quarter is xu air can heat pump units total annual power consumption but also much higher.

3、on how to install: xu air can heat pump units installed without being limited by the location, can put in any place, and small floor space, conventional solar energy to achieve the same heating effect will be expected to occupy a large space, must also be open to put.

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