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Xu is a heat pump to shine

Writer:yayoSource:zhengxu Date:2014-11-10

    March 12 China's most influential professional exhibition --2014 large heat pumps in China exhibition in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center was opened. Heat pump manufacturers from across the country strength, local dealers, buyers gathered in Shanghai Pump exhibition, the exhibition after three previous efforts to build, together with the southern heating exhibition, the show's popularity and the transaction is expected to be much higher than the previous interpretation an industry event.

    Zhengzhengxu is currently being produced a handful of high-temperature heat pumps have qualified heat pump technology and product leader. To note the positive Asahi may be different according to the customer, the design of different types, for a variety of different occasions, special heat pumps. Asahi success thanks to the positive partner institutions, technical experts, industry experts, agency sales manager, end users and other support, and laid a positive Asahi become the industry benchmark.

     Asahi focus on the launch of the exhibition are "drying dehumidification machine, ultra-low temperature heating, smart pumps,." Live demonstrations, attracted many visitors flock. "Drying dehumidification machine, ultra-low temperature heating, smart pumps," reflects the positive Asahi core technical strength and the actual end application capabilities.

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